We Envision A World Where People Are Free To Be
Authentic And Connected

The Sociotherapy Association is committed to supporting a research based wellbeing clinical practice that empowers a culture of relationship, community, and freedom.

Therapist Certification

Becoming a successful facilitator takes training and practice. Professionals in any support relationship must be committed to rigorous requirements, measurable training standards, and a continuing verified standard of practice.

Code of Ethics

The STA Code of Ethics (STACOE) and Core Therapeutic Competencies outline the standard of practice and values for the Sociotherapy Association. These enforceable standards of conduct apply to all credential therapists, facilitators, and training programs.

Training Programs

Training Program Accreditation is part of what protects our clients, defines our evidence -based practice, and enriches our community. STA offers one accreditation process that all training programs must follow to meet the STA Standards of Training.

Sociotherapy is practiced Therapists

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