Who We are

A Practice of Relationship and Support
Building Health Communities One Relationship at a Time
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Certification for Professional Success
Rigorous requirements for certification and program accreditation
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Client-Centered Training
Training That Promotes a Co-Created Relationship of Support
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A Sociology  Community Project

The Sociotherapy Association Community Project has two goals. 

  1. To outline a professional research based support practice, its Core Therapeutic Competencies, the Code of Ethical Conduct, and requirements for certification.
  2. To support a worldwide community of educators, researchers and practitioners focused on relational fields of healing and support; to increase hope and decrease suffering.

The Sociotherapy Association is committed to supporting a research based practice that self-empowers a culture of freedom, relationship, and community.

We envision a world of peace where people are free to be authentic and connected.

Definition of Sociotherapy

“Sociotherapy is a non-medical support practice that operates through a holistic lens of humanity that sees all humans as equal. We understand each person as a relational, rational, emotional, and spiritual unity, each unique because of genetics, historical experience, and choicefulness; yet we are all inextricably interconnected.”

-Definition of Sociotherapy (Sociotherapy Association Core Therapeutic Competencies) *